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The Cost of Replacing a Roof

As a homeowner, roof replacement is something you may be considering – but you might also be concerned about the expense. However, sometimes you have no choice about replacing your roof. As some of you may already have learned the hard way, if your roof has suffered some sort of damage from wind, hail, snow,…

How Advanced Roofing Technologies has Changed the Industry

How Technology has Changed the Roofing Industry?

Technology is an important part of our everyday lives. From computers and smartphones, to Siri and Alexa, we rely on innovation and technological advances like never before. But it is not just our devices that have evolved, thanks to technology. Even the advanced roofing technologies in construction industry is capitalizing on technology to offer better,…

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Buying a home that needs a new roof

Tips from Mid-Atlantic Remodeling (Roofing Contractors in Maryland) If you’ve just purchased a home, congratulations! The entire experience can be very exciting, as you anticipate moving in and making the space your own. However, if your future home needs a new roof, you may also be worried about the expense of replacement, who to contact,…

Storm repair in maryland

Extreme Weather in Maryland: What To Do After the Storms

On Friday, February 7, we experienced several devastating storms throughout many counties and towns across Maryland. The extreme Maryland weather included five tornadoes, wind, and hailstorms. Two Maryland tornadoes were confirmed in Montgomery County, with EF1 and EF0 tornadoes ripping through extreme western Montgomery County, near Dickerson, as well as the west-central region of the…


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